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If you still don't know what an image captcha is? Where is a reputable image captcha decoding service? Then follow the following article of to get your answer.

What is an image captcha?

Captcha helps prevent Spam in Websites, Forums, ensures data security, real interaction and prevents password attacks, creating reliability for online surveys. Specifically:

Benefit Detail
Prevent Spam in Website Forum, Blog Fake, bogus comments must be very familiar to Bloggers. These comments help their programs improve their rankings on search engines (Website Forum, Blog). This is a form of comment spam. Captcha codes have effectively prevented spam in Website Forums and Blogs. When using this code, only humans can enter comments on the Blog without having to sign up before commenting. In particular, Captcha also ensures that legitimate comments will not be deleted.
Ensure data security and confidentiality Yahoo!, Google, Microsoft,... are all big companies that provide completely free Email creation services. But, this service is subject to some attacks. Specifically, "bots" are capable of registering thousands of Email accounts every minute. Captcha is considered the key to ensuring that only humans can create this free account. Along with automated scripts, it also prevents abuse of Email accounts.
Ensure real interaction If a computer performs the survey results, the results will definitely be wrong. Of course, when such a large number of PCs invade, the website may slow down if we access it. Captcha codes help ensure the amount of interaction on websites is real.  
Prevent password attacks In addition, Captcha can also effectively prevent dictionary attacks in passwords. Specifically, it prevents the PC from repeating the entire password. It would be better to apply the classic approach of locking accounts when not logged in successfully. Because the flaw in the old way is that it allows bad guys to lock the account at will.
Create credibility for online surveys

In online polls, voters' IP addresses are mostly recorded. The purpose of this is to prevent users from voting more than once. However, many polls now become votes for “bots”. Captcha code has prevented fraud in voting results. At the same time, create credibility for online polls.


There are many different types of captcha, of which image captcha is a popular type of captcha. So what is an image captcha?

Image captcha is a type of image authentication captcha developed and put into use by Google since 2014. Similar to other types of captcha, image captcha is also used to distinguish between real people and support robots. Very effective anti-spam support that websites or services are very popular with. Image Captcha will provide images for you to choose according to its requirements.

What is image captcha? Let's decode image captcha with

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